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   LIDAR Survey

Nplussolution is LIDAR ( Light Detection And Ranging ) survey Service Providers Company in India. Nplussolution is located at Gandhinagar near Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We provide LIDAR Outsourcing Data Processing  Services, LIDAR is the next generation’s serving technology. LIDAR ( Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging ) scanning survey services provide the accurate information correct and up to date information to client . We have done our past project for civil engineering firms , infrastructure projects, pipeline mapping, Agriculture, Archaeology, Biology and conservation, Geology and soil science, Meteorology and atmospheric environment, Military, Mining, Physics and astronomy, Surveying, Transportation, Wind farm optimization, Solar photovoltaic deployment optimization, Crime, Oil and Gas. We have wide experience and best expertise in LIDAR Survey.Nplus Solution is Lidar data processing service providers & We provide services in very affordable cost across India.


• Intensity images
• Breaklines
• Digital Terrian Models
• Digital Elevation Models
• Digital Surface Models
• Triangular Irregular Networks
• Vegetation layer for analysis
• 3-D Models

Advantage of LIDAR

• Cost -Is comparatively cheaper than many applications. Considering the speed, accuracy and density of data.
• Higher accuracy
• Fast acquisition and processing
• Minimum human dependence
• Weather/Light independence
• Canopy penetration
• Higher data density
• GCP independence
• Additional data

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