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Nplussolution bursting with ideas, passion and talent for creating excellent iPhone applications. The explosive success of the iPhone has made it the must have smartphone around the globe. There are lots of compelling reasons to develop an iPhone application for your business and multiple different models of generating revenue from it.

At Nplussolution, we approach iPhone application development in a systematic and organized way. We coordinate with clients right from scratch. We work with them through the concept development of the app to be created and the feasibility of creating such an app.

We extend ourselves to utilize our professionals in applying the knowledge of SDK 3.0, that builds a platform for an amazing range of advanced technologies, that could create wonders while enhancing the functionality of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch applications. We firmly believe our wide experience in iPhone SDK application development could effectively make your iPhone 3GS much more interactive and attractive and we also provide iPad Tablet Application Development.

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Android Application Development

Developer at Nplussolution can create innovative applications for devices based on the Android mobile phone platform using the Android SDK.The Android Software Development Kit includes the Android application framework and libraries, as well as several sample projects and their source code, a phone emulator, and other development tools used for tracking and debugging the code created during Android application programming.

The Android software development libraries offers every developer a set of amazing functionality powerful enough to create numerous feature-rich mobile applications. The Android application framework is definitely worth taking a closer look at.

Android Architecture

The following diagram shows the major components of the Android operating system. Each section is described in more detail below.
Android Framework

BlackBerry Development

The BlackBerry Web Development approach was designed to use web standards and popular tools like Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio. Nplussolution can develop web applications for BlackBerry smartphones by leveraging our existing web development expertise. We can make your web applications more compelling by tweaking them to fit the constraints of mobile devices, such as screen size and bandwidth.

BlackBerry Web Development Architecture

The architecture for BlackBerry smartphone web applications is straightforward. Simply leverage the wireless connectivity built into the BlackBerry platform and take advantage of familiar web-based UIs: Application data can leverage the same wireless connection, compression, encryption and infra

BlackBerry Enterprise Serve.gif

structure as BlackBerry email, so there’s no need to build additional networking functions (Note: this fundamental BlackBerry advantage can be leveraged through all the BlackBerry development approaches) Since web applications are traditional client/server deployments, there’s nothing to deploy to clients and users will be familiar with the web interface Mobile development has never been so easy. By taking advantage of existing BlackBerry data connections, you can be up and running in no time. The diagram below shows the architecture of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for MDS Applications.

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